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mb_modem's Journal

Melanie Bush Fans
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Welcome to mb_modem!

This is a community for fans of Melanie "Mel" Bush, a character in the long-running British sci-fi/fantasy television series Doctor Who. Melanie featured in seasons 23 and 24 (1986 and '87) of the classic series, as companion to both the Sixth (Colin Baker) and Seventh (Sylvester McCoy) Doctors.

However, she is one of the most disliked companions in Doctor Who fandom for various reasons. Fortunately, this opinion has recently started to turn due to Bonnie Langford's involment in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas, in which she returned to the role of Mel after thirteen years and successfully revamped the character.

All Mel-related media is accepted here for discussion, be it TV, audio or novels. Fanfiction, icons and other such fan-made graphics are also welcomed and encouraged. (Trolling and character-bashing however, is obviously not and is probably the quickest way to get your sorry butt banned)

mb_modem's moderators are morgeil, pextheunalive and abates, should you have any questions.